5 trekking destinations for beginners (in Himalayas)

If you ask anyone who is living in north India about his frequent vacation spot, his most reached out destination will be hill stations. It is the closest, scenic and most serene places people of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, UP can find nearby. Every long weekend they get to know about, the plan will either be for Kullu Manali, Shimla, Nainital, Mussorie etc. Some other destinations which have gained popularity in past few years are Lansdowne, camping at Rishikesh, Auli etc.

But all these places have become so commercialized nowadays that you don’t really feel away from the city life when you visit them. However, these are some of the most iconic and sight seeing worthy places. But amidst the noise surrounding those places and concrete buildings, the beauty of these places somewhere got lost.

Thus, some enthusiastic people went ahead an extra mile to discover some hidden gems where they can find their peace and chill the heck down. They are the roads less traveled and requires some efforts to earn the awe inspiring sight. You need pack your bags and lace up and boost up your stamina to reach those heights. I am sharing five of those most easy treks that you can start with to rediscover the Himalayan beauty and live every moment that nature still can bless you with. Don’t forget to check out the post about some essential items that you need to backpack in order to go trekking.

Vaishno devi: It is the most easy track. This place as the name suggests is famous for a temple which is situated at the top of it. However, this is a completely commercialized place with heavy passenger traffic of believers in god. You’d even see a lot of elderly crowd enchanting jai mata di along the path to boost their morale and to reach the top.

The reason I have mentioned Vaishno devi in this post is because it will give you that first boost that you can do trekking no matter the uphill or the distance. The entire trek is built properly with concrete brick path with even sheds at some distance. Although, you would not be able to find that calm environment atop but the overall experience will be worth remembering. And if you are a believer in god, the temple and the view from there will take you to a relaxing and a satisfactory mode.

The best time to visit Vaishno devi will be end of August, September, October, March, April. The best time to begin trekking will be around 2 AM because when you will reach the temple in the early morning,the cool breeze will fill you in its arms and you’d want to sleep in its lap. That morning cool breeze from the hills and the sound of the temple bells will really give you the chills.

Triund trek: Triund trek starts from Mcleodganj in Himachal pradesh. It is actually 9 kms tracks but cars/bikes can go 2 more kms and thus your trek length shortens to 7 kms. This is a proper trek which you can only do in broad daylight. You need to plan your trip accordingly that you start and finish your trek in the daylight. Also, make sure that you reach before sunset. Don’t forget to carry necessary items as this is a non-commercialized place and you will not find anything to eat apart from maggie, biscuits etc. If you are a health conscious person, carry packets of oats with you and ask the shop owners to cook that for you. You will have to do a bit of convincing to cook it for you as you will also have to pay them.

The view from the top is amazing as you will feel really close to stars. Don’t miss moon rise and sun rise and sunset. If you visit this place during full moon, the sight of the moon rise will be breathtaking. Lie beneath the stars counting all the constellations you could find. The best time to visit will be around March, April, September, October.

If you have the energy to continue to hill top from there, visit snowline which is 3 kms uphill trek from Triund. Very high chances of finding snow over there.

Kareri lake trek: This is another beautiful trek which starts from Dharmshala(Himachal pradesh) and the distance is about 8 kms. It is a picturesque site and you can take a lot of photographs over here. Also, during winters from December to March, the lake remains frozen. This place is above 3000 meters of sea level. It is best to find guided trekking trips as you may have to carry your own tents and camps with you.

Kasol to Malana village: To start this trek, you first need to reach Kasol. Kasol is a vary small place near Manali and 1 km from Manikaran. Manikaran is famous for Gurudwara which naturally receives hot water from Himalayas. Kasol is famous for its hippie culture and cafes where you can smoke without any restrictions and munch any type of food that you desire. This small place is setup beside Parvati river which makes this spot amazing and close to nature. From Kasol, you need to reach Jari, and from there hire a public transport to reach the trekking spot. It is a very easy trek of just 4-5 kms after the bus ride. You will find local places to stay over there as it is a village but a beautiful one. This place has lost of its own rule and regulations and thus it is best to talk to locals about what to do and what not to do.

In fact, there is a trek available directly from Kasol to Malana village. You can talk to the people of Kasol about it and they will guide you the way. It is best to take a guided tour to do this trek.

Tosh to Kheerganga: Kasol is the recommended point to halt and continue either for Tosh or Malana. Both are in the different directions. So, from Kasol you have to first reach Tosh. Tosh is another such spot famous for its cafes and beautiful view of Dhauladhar ranges. Some people, even go for a trek from Kasol to Tosh. Kasol is actually the common place where all the tourists first settle down to begin their treks early morning the next day. You can trek to Kheerganga from Kasol too. We preferred to take our car to Tosh. However, it is a little rough ride but we had an SUV, thus it was a bit easy for us to drive till Tosh. Trek to Kheerganga is about 13 kms in distance. You will find basic guest rooms to stay over there. The main trek to Kheerganga starts from Barshaini. It is a 10 kms trek from there. Another 3 kms is Tosh to Barshaini.

All in all, you shouldn’t be worried about the distance at all, just look for a motivated group and let your ship sail with them. All I would want to tell you at this point of time is, you are underestimating yourself if you think that trekking is not for you. It is just in our heads that we might not be able to do it. However, the truth is I have seen even the least enthusiastic people and lethargy full people to complete these treks. And another important reason for you to take such treks is because the nature is not anymore the way it used to be and before you hear any other bad news about it, go for an extra mile and live those breathtaking moments that nature still has hidden in these corners. Make sure to keep these spots clean and friendly for other tourist to stay as well.

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