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What does it do? It shares Whatsapp Status shared by content writers. What does it offer the user? As users we can copy paste cool content and use it as our status in Whatsapp. We can also join as Content Writers here. It has the biggest collection of Whatsapp Status on internet.

WhatsApp Status is the world’s biggest community for whatsapp status writers. Its huge collection of statuses is the answer to millions of people’s searching on google for New WhatsApp Status every month, from all around the globe. At, they pay their writers for their efforts. They are the only platform which pays people for writing whatsapp statuses.

The CEO of the site Abhinav Jain has personally spoken to the writers and everyone loves the idea of writing WhatsApp Status, as this gives them a choice of 60 status categories, and a chance to make money through this.

Applications & Benefits

  • The site is really easy to use. It has a simple UI which is understandable by anyone very quickly.
  • The site loads up quickly.
  • Does not need any plugins or special software to reach this site.
  • Needs a search functionality.
  • Needs sorting functionality when inside a category.

Technical Details

From Google PageSpeed Insights, it gets the suggestion to cut server response time.

boylazy-Whatsapp Status-mobile      Mobile view rating: 57 / 100 

boylazy-Whatsapp Status-desktopDesktop view rating: 71 / 100

boylazy-Whatsapp Status-PA_DA
boylazy-Whatsapp Status-WhoVisitsWS
You cannot resist but share the statuses since the sharing icon has this cool tagline mentioning “Sharing is Sexy.” Of-course we like to be sexy anytime 😉
They went live in July 2016 and ever since then, 40000+ writers have joined this interesting concept. They have published more than 15400 statuses till now and will soon cross 20000 number.
  • At they add new status daily.
  • All their status are unique and new.
  • They have thousands of writers associated with them who write and give new status
  • They have more than 60 Status Categories like (Love, Sad, Funny, Breakup etc)
  • More than 15000 status published till now.

Some real world user reviews


Good things come for free

It is completely free and you can actually earn from this site by becoming a content writer.
boylazy-Whatsapp Status-Pricing

Few good statuses that we liked







Our Favourite categories

Broken heart status
Love status

boylazy-Whatsapp Status-Photo

Did we test Whatsapp status site?

Yes. we did use and analyze this site.

We liked that they display Top WhatsApp Status voted by real users. One can see top status based on the number of likes and dislikes on a status. We missed category wise sorting of status. User need not be logged in to vote for a status. But we can vote only once either on Like and DisLike which is a cool stuff in coding.

Rating out of 10

9/10 we would give to this site. With some small improvements, this website has potential to evolve into a giant in this field. This is a golden chance to earn money from home, don’t miss out on this one.

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