39 Ways Increase the Facebook Page Likes

While running a business or a blog, people create their Facebook page in the hope to drive more traffic to their blog. Are you one of them? Are you thinking about the popularity of your page?
No doubt, that every person craves to get more and more likes on the page. There are many things you can do to carry out your goal. Everyone wants to become famous and the Facebook is one of the biggest platforms to use.

How To Get More Likes On Facebook Page Without Paying

First of all, you should know the importance of having a Facebook page. There are millions of active users on the Facebook with the same interest as you. You can reach to many people through this platform.

1. The content:- Everywhere you go, the content you give has the key to help you with your goals. If your content has the quality to help others then people would love to connect with you.


They would want your content to get shared with others and the result would to get more likes.

2. Your Profile:- When you create your Facebook page, do you notice all the fields carefully. The point is that you should give each information on your Facebook page. Maybe people are looking for you on the Facebook through your website. Fill the website name on your page and your Facebook profile.

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3. Add Images:- When you post an update on the Facebook, make sure that it has the appealing image or the meme. People like creative things and you should give it. The Facebook users want to see more content with the attractive images. Try to fulfill their need.

4. Page Description:- Show your specialty on the page. The short summary would be perfect. Your followers should know about your services and the products. You may have noticed that when you visit a page and find something which represents the page’s status then you may want to like that page.

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5. Invite Your close Friends:- This is often used as a way to supplement facebook page likes. You add more friends in your Facebook profile list and after few days invite your friends to like your page. And you know that no one would reject your invitation. I mean what does it take to like a page.

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6. Prepare A Schedule:- There should be a schedule to post the updates on your Facebook page. You should give the posts more often which would boost the interaction of the people on your posts.

7. The Right Time To Post:- Though it would be hard to know the right time to post on the Facebook but still you should try to figure it out from your followers.

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Every person has the different time-zone and no one can decide the right time to post. But still, there are some time-stats examined by the experts.

8. Show Like Box On Your Website:- You should add the Facebook like box on your website to reach to your Facebook page directly from the website. It would increase the possibility to get likes on Facebook page because sometimes people don’t like to go to your page and then like it. It would take some time. So offer the easiest method.

9. Behave Like A Professional:- To handle a Facebook page, you should behave like a professional who knows the value of his/her followers. Provide the best version of yourself on your page.

10. Be Helpful:- There are many users who seek for the help on the Facebook. If someone comes to you for any kind of help then give the best answer you can. Don’t just try to manipulate the person.

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11. Ask Your Friends of Friend’s:- There is a chain which goes on and on. You can meet new people through your friends and then many else. You can ask your friends to ask their friends to like your page. It is a kind of favor to ask. But if you have the bond with your friends then they would help you to grow on the Facebook.

12. Include Keywords In Description:- When you write the about section, try to embed the keywords relate to your website and your work. If you are a blogger then add it in the section. It would be great for the Facebook search.

13. Use Facebook Insights:- You should use the Facebook insights to check what kind of the content is popular among your followers. You can see the engagement of the people on your post updates.

14. Try Share For Share:- You can ask the people with the Facebook pages of the similar content to like your page. You can ask them to share your updates on their page and allow them to share theirs. It would offer you the different audience.

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15. Tag Another Page In Your Posts:- It is a good idea to get likes on Facebook page. You should tag other pages on your updates. It would increase the chances that they would return the favor.

16. Share Your Page On Twitter:- You may have noticed that many people share their Facebook page link with their Twitter followers. It may prove as one of the best ideas here. You can try it and get more likes.

17. Start A Discussion On Your Website:- To engage more people, you should start a discussion about the related topics. Increase the engagement of your website’s readers and let them know about your Facebook page.

18. Start A Contest:- To get more likes and more visitors on your blog. You can hold a contest on your website. It would help you to reach to many people who would want to get the updates from your Facebook page.

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19. Share Your Thoughts:- Try to attract your readers by expressing your thoughts. It may be about the news, the niche you work on, or anything which can motivate your readers.

20. Provide Giveaways:- People like to take part in the giveaways. It would help you to increase Facebook page likes. People would spread the news like a fire to others about the giveaway.

21. You Can Use Facebook Ads:- If you can spend some money then the Facebook ads would let you get more likes than normal. It would show your page in the suggestions to others. Though the Facebook assures you to get the no. of likes according to your ads plan. But at least, the guarantee would increase the chances.

22. Use Facebook Groups:- Try to interact with the people in the Facebook groups of your niche. You would find many people in the group with whom you can interact and show what you got.

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23. Provide Discounts:- If you have any product then offer the discount coupon to the people who like your page. It would make them feel like worthy that they liked your page.

24. Use Your Email List:- The email list you have made using your website, you can ask those people to like your Facebook page. It would a great idea if you do it the right way. Don’t email them again and again. Just a simple email with the positive vibes.

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25. Ask For The Feedback:- Ask your friends and the regular readers of your blog to give their opinion on your Facebook page. It would let people know about your work and the services.

26. Drop The Helpful Comments:- When you post an update on the page, just try to be helpful. Whenever someone comments then give the positive answers with the great value.

27. Use Effective Profile Pic:- The profile pic has the major influence on the people’s mind to like your page or not. It would be considered as the major point. If you have a professional pic then you would get likes on Facebook page.

28. Use Infographics:- You know that the infographics word everytime and everywhere. You can use them on your Facebook page. Provide the content in the form of visual content.

29. Link Your Facebook Page To Other Social Sites:- In most of the social networking websites, you can link your Facebook account. Like on the LinkedIn, you can attach your Facebook page with the account.

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30. Add Facebook Comment System:- Do you know that you can add Facebook comment system on your website? Just like the Disqus comment system and the WordPress default comment system, you can add Facebook comment system which would definitely increase Facebook page likes.

31. Be You:– Don’t just act like a robot. Be human and interact with the people who have liked your page. Reach out to others by commenting and liking their post and page.

32. Boost The Popular Post:- Facebook has the feature to boost your post. You can use that to get more likes. You have to spend some money and Facebook would take care of the rest.

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33. Tag Your Fans:- While posting any update, tag your fans. It would increase the interaction and they would promote the post among their friends. It is a kind of smart move.

34. Set An Attractive Timeline Cover:- Just like the profile pic, the cover page of your page helps you to get more likes. Show your work through the cover image. Use some funny yet intellectual images.

35. Build A Community:- Create the community for your website and the Facebook to join more and more people. Provide a platform to share the content with kinds of audience. The people would tend to like your page to promote their content.

36. Use The Professional page URL:- When you create a Facebook page then it would give you the URL. You can set it with the name of your website. It would show your professional approach.

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37. Use Your Personal Profile:- You can increase Facebook page likes using your personal profile. Tag your page in the post you publish on your profile. People would have a glance on the page and might like it.

38. Connect People Through Their Website:- When you visit any website and comment on the blog post then it is a great idea to like their Facebook page. You can expect the reciprocity from them.

39. Share Other’s Post On Facebook:- You should share the articles on your Facebook page so that other bloggers would like it and share with their fans.

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Are You Ready To Boost Facebook Page Likes

Are you still thinking about how to get likes on Facebook page without paying? Well, you should stop thinking and show the action by providing the best content. People like to see which has the potential and the uniqueness. You can join the Facebook groups to increase the interaction.

Do you want to get likes on Facebook page? Try to behave like a professional and help others. You can give in others group or the on the page. It would help you get the same for your page.

Facebook is the wonderful platform to use and you can have the better results for your online business. Embrace the appearance and be the one hero on the Facebook.

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