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Taking a beautiful photograph is the only reason I travel, and when I don’t use them on my social media they mostly just sit on my hard drive. But I still think photographs are important for the memories they represent. You look at a picture and it brings up thoughts and feelings. The pictures I take are not just pictures of everything I see but are made with thought, I want to capture the beauty I saw with my eye. I want to share a few tips to make your photos pop a little more!

Composition is everything!

Patterns: To say that we like patterns would be a bit of an understatement. We are immersed in patterns from the moment we are born. Both natural and manmade patterns dominate the world surrounding us – and we like it this way.
Understanding these patterns and what pleases the human brain is a nifty shortcut to taking better photos. And that’s what composition in photography is all about. Learn and apply the rules below, and you’ll start taking more photos that people and yourself will enjoy.

The rule of thirds

[caption id="attachment_2109" align="aligncenter" width="800"]photographInstead of photographing the whole building I took a portion of it, imagine this that the building was in the middle. It would just be a mess, now beacause of the clear sky it looks nice and calm. I kept the post in this one to give it a little depth.[/caption]

One of the most important rules of composition is known as the rule of thirds.
The rule of thirds requires you to break an image into three equal parts either vertically, horizontally or both. The goal is to place key compositional elements into those thirds.
On your device, find the setting to enable a grid over the preview screen. Four lines will appear, two vertical and two horizontal.

Leading Lines

When composing a photograph, you want to make it as easy as possible for the person looking at it to figure out the subject and focus of the image.
One way to do this is with leading lines — the use of natural geography or other features that the viewer will naturally look at first and which will lead their eyes to the main subject.
This can be the horizon or something as simple as a road or train track

Here I used the building on the left to draw the eye to the Eiffel Tower

Foreground, Midground and background

Have you ever taken a picture of a mountain or city skyline and then looked at it later and wondered why it doesn’t manage to convey the majesty of what you were looking at?
This is likely because your photograph is a two-dimensional image and you have lost the sense of scale that is clear when you are present and in the moment.
When creating a shot — and this is especially valid for landscape photography — consider the distinctive components in the foreground area, midground, and background of the picture.

Here I could just take a picture of this beautiful waterfall but instead I just went a little back to get the river it was forming in the shot, okay I had to wait until most of the people were gone but it was well worth the wait.


Go back to a few photos you made and look at you might could’ve improved, and look at a what photographers are doing on Instagram essentially they are telling a whole story with one picture. If you’re able to do that you have a done a great job!

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