You get mails from shopping sites every day, but you should know that you are not the only one who gets these emails. You are just one among the millions of users who get such emails. Online shopping has become very famous over the past few years and it is available at the tip of our hands every time through our smart phones. As the pop-up on your phones shows you that today is the last day having some particular offer, keep in mind this list of top 10 major drawbacks of shopping online before falling into this viral trap.

Top 10 major drawbacks of shopping online

It has its own pros and cons but we need to be aware of these points before choosing to go online to shop.

Hidden conditions and charges

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They promise for door delivery but have you thought about the charges that they tag along with it. The websites are heavy thus also charging you heavily for just browsing. The charges come in the form of bills from your internet service providers.

Shipping charges which add-on while you make your payment

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The fun fact here is that they don’t show the last shipping charge inclusive amount in the beginning. It is kept variable and they are charged only when you make the last payment. On the last page sometimes you may just overlook the charges and make the payment.

Zero bargain policy

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If you are good at bargaining skills then put it in the garbage since your skills are of no use here. There is completely zero bargaining that can be done while shopping online. There are loyalty benefits but they are often very small and trick us by bringing new policies related to it.

Fake and modified information

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You will not believe me, but sellers often spend more money on product photography than creating the product itself. Shopping sites offer photography for product vendors. It is a race where the better looking products are sold more often. So vendors often enhance the images to make their product look more appealing to the customer.

Phone geeks

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There was a time when shopping used to make you happy. Just walking around looking at the shops with your loved ones and hanging out with friends in the name of shopping is not a possibility now. We see people hanging out with their mobile phones and laptops browsing for something to shop, while completely ignoring their friends and close ones.

Ever thought why the conditions page is made so boring

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The terms and conditions page of a shopping site is the longest and most boring page of their site always. It is intentionally made like that. It is often difficult to be read and understood by a common man. These are often added by a point that terms may be changed at any time by the site. Make sure you are aware of this fact before you shop online.

Forget the guidance of a sales assistant

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Sometimes the flows in a shopping site may be difficult and you would have to make a lot of research and hell lot of reading to know about a basic feature of a product. This is not the case in shops. We could just ask the sales assistant and they would be knowing the details that we need. Here in the online world you have to do your own research.

Delivery boy games

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Do you know that delivery boys and courier companies skip their visits from the schedule and put the blame on the customer saying that the door was locked, etc. If you are expecting a delivery then whole day you need to be at home to make sure that you don’t miss the parcel. Otherwise you may have to go to the courier office to personally collect it.

Credit Card frauds

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If you are using your credit card for shopping online then be extra safe. There are many fake and fraud sites out there who try to misuse your card details and cheat you. It is way worse than pick-pocketing. Here you may lose more that what you have with you.

Don’t go by the looks

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I have already mentioned a similar point but it is one of the most important points to keep in mind while shopping online. Don’t buy things which look good online. Make sure you do your research and the real user feedback before buying anything online. I would never buy a sports shoe without trying it out first. What about you?

So do you think that going to the nearby shop or mall for buying stuff is a better and safe idea? Go out along with your friends and loved ones and have a nice time. Tell us your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments section. Do like, share and follow us if you liked this post.