bogus Vodafone offer of upto 10 GB?


I have recently come across this bogus looking internet offer from Vodafone mobile network provider in chennai, which promises to provide data pack from 1.25 to 10 GB upon recharge of RC 299.

bogus Vodafone offer
bogus Vodafone offer

Vodafone internet offer seems to be fraud

It appears as a special customized offer under vodafone support number *121#.

Surprisingly this is not available on internet. I was not able to track this offer under the official vodafone site:

There is no free chat support or call support that Vodafone provides here and hence I have not been able to contact them to enquire about this.

Normally I used to take 1.5 GB of 3G data valid for 28Days which charged me 254 Rs.

I have tried to get this offer thrice:

1. Via
2. Via Vodafone mobile app, is it Bogus?
3. Via a Vodafone top up shop

But each time I only got the minimum net i.e. 1.25 GB. I had enquired from the shop guy that the minimum is credited instantly and later the offer internet is added to the account. But nothing like that has happened.

I have wasted additional 150 Rs and also got 0.75 GB data less.

This offer appears so good that it is hard to resist. Normally 10 GB of data could charge me around 1200 Rs. Hence I always get tempted to give it a try, hoping on getting atleast 5 GB which I could use happily 😛

Network providers are controlling our minds and pulling as much money possible from our pockets. I remember paying 100 Rs for 2G internet and now I pay around Rs 800 for mobile internet monthly and still it is not sufficient. Bigger phones, faster networks are not appearing to be made to costlier, as it is one of the biggest expenses in our daily lives.

Now I feel like it’s fraud.. Please advice if it’s true/false or if anyone has got the additional net.

Please spread awareness.

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