Top 5 hidden WhatsApp tricks features you need to try right now


If you own a smart phone then you should always be using the best available features. WhatsApp is a common messaging app that you will find on any smart phone, usually pre-installed. It is used by over 900 million people monthly. We want you try out the latest features and tricks that would make your app more likable and friendly to you.

The major benefit of this app is that it is available for free and less ads. The new video calling feature has made life very easy since nearly all smartphone users are connected via WhatsApp. It keeps updating with the latest features from the market, which makes it more competitive and non-replaceable. You can send text, voice, picture, gif and video messages over this chatting app. Now live location sharing is also going to be available like Google Maps. This app is available over all major phone OS and it is independent of the mobile network.

Top 5 hidden WhatsApp tricks features you need to try now

Do you want to know the app more so that you could use it to the full potential? You have come to the right place, because here we share the most useful tricks and features that you need to try now.

Blind Carbon Copy

Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) is a often used while sending emails to multiple users. If you don’t want to start a buzzing reply all to the group then use this feature. We can create broadcast group of our favorite people so that we send the same message to the group individually.

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If you want to have a group for wishing on festivals, then you could create a broadcast group for this and send a message to all in the group at once individually. You need not waste time in selecting all the contacts one by one. The feature is called Broadcast. To use it, click on Options > New Broadcast. Just select the broadcast group to send the message and everyone gets personal private message.

Starred Messages

Do you keep forgetting the important messages? Sometimes we forget who had sent us a particular address or message and we keep searching all the chats to find it. In this case, you should start using this starred message feature of WhatsApp.

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To see all your starred messages, click on Options > Starred Messages. You could long press on any message to star it. Imagine your loved one has sent you a personal message that you need to keep seeing again and again. You could just star that message and see it quickly anytime 😉

Enable desktop notifications

Do you know that you could even use WhatsApp from your laptop or desktop without any hack? Yes, that is possible.

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This way, you could always be active on WhatsApp even when you are working on your desktops. To enable WhatsApp desktop notifications, open any browser on your desktop and go to the URL You will need to then scan a QR code from your mobile device which will give your desktop access to WhatsApp via web browser. You will start getting desktop notifications immediately once you are logged into WhatsApp Web.

Library Images

WhatsApp is often misused in funny ways that you can’t imagine. Maximum part of Indian audience has a group that shared sensitive images that could lead to embarrassment when seen in library images by our parents or near ones.

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If you are part of such a group, then stop shouting at people and expect them not to share such content. It is often considered an offence to leave a group. This feature could save your life. Tap on Options (3 dots on the top right side) and go into Settings > Data Usage. You will see Media Auto-Download, touch on the segment – When Using Mobile DataWhen Connected on Wi-Fi, and When Roaming and uncheck all the available boxes. Now the images will not be auto-downloaded. You could still manually the images and videos when you want 😉

Supercharge Your Privacy

The double blue tick feature came as a technology major boon, but it killed your privacy. Now everyone sees that you have read their message and expect you to reply immediately. I have seen people, who keep uninstalling the app, as they are expected to reply on the office groups.

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This particular privacy feature can also help you in hiding your profile pic from everyone. You need not uninstall WhatsApp, you have a simple solution. Edit the visibility of your Last Seen status, Profile PhotoStatus and Read Receipts. You just have to go to Options > Settings > Account > Privacy and make the necessary changes. There are multiple levels of privacy options available in the settings (hide from everybody, contacts, nobody). Choose what you prefer.

Hope you found this post useful, try out these options and tell us how it changed your life. Like, share and comment on this with your thoughts and suggestions. Please click the FOLLOW button at the bottom to support us.


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