5 Simplest Online Shopping Hacks that will get you more things with less money

Shopping Hacks

Online shopping is getting all time high today in India also. The reason is so simple because many people now prefer to shop online rather to get the products by visiting many offline stores. But if you want to buy something online then did you know it’s hacks as well by which you could easily save money or get more things at lesser cost. So check out our .online shopping hacks.

Shopping Hacks

1.) Add the items in your cart which you like and let it be there for some days
Shopping Hacks

Now you will be worried or thinking that why we suggested you to do so? The reason is so simple because once you add something in cart and keep it for some days then e-commerce websites will reach to you with special discounts and offers to you directly and once the price suits you, then you could easily buy it.

2.) Pay attention on e-commerce sign-up and refer & earn offers
Shopping Hacks

You can easily get many first time purchaser benefits and can also earn handsome offers or money by participating in their refer & earn program as every e-commerce are having refer & earn program to increase their sales. So you could easily get the benefits of this by creating multiple email ids and making use it.

3.) Get free Delivery for items below Rs 500 easily
Shopping Hacks

Many times we buy something which are of less minimum free order and for which we need to pay extra shipping charges. But you know that you could easily avoid those charges by applying this simple trick. First add the item you wish to buy in your cart. Now add any other item as well so that the total order gets above to the minimum Rs 500 order. Now place your order. Once your order is successful you can cancel the product which you are in no need. That’s so simple to save your shipping charges.

4.) Clear your browsing history to get less biased prices
Shopping Hacks

Do you know that online shops show different prices to different customers depending on their location and even their interests and buying habits or pattern. So you should simply need to log out of all your social networking sites and even clear history before you shop something online. Better will be that you use incognito mode or private browser to shop online.

5.) Use cashback sites and digital wallets to save more
Shopping Hacks

You should know that there are many websites which gives you cashbacks while shopping from there. And also there are many digital wallets as well that are giving many offers like cashback on the payment you made using their wallets or services.

So these were some of the online shopping hacks you should never forget and let others users know about this by sharing this to as many more people you could easily share. Thanks for reading this. Will talk to you into the next one.

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