Top 5 innovative ideas to make your life comfortable – Part 1


There is so much innovation happening around us that we are not aware of. It can be in a small step taken to preserve nature or a major technology idea. Let us have a look at the top innovative ideas to make our lives pleasant and comfortable.

Laser projected virtual Keyboard

With this technology around you, it will make you feel like you are in a science fiction movie. This keyboard connects with any device using bluetooth and makes any surface as a virtual keyboard for typing. Imagine your phone can be converted as a laptop with this keyboard. It will be easier that ever to type on small devices. Any good quality virtual keyboard is available online and could cost you around 2000 Rs. It can also be used in mouse mode. Wow now that is technology of the future brought to us at an affordable price.

Foot prints at Delhi Metro

Ever found metro trains confusing? Check this out at the Central Secretariat metro station in Delhi. These colored footprints are used to guide travelers and commuters to go to the their destination metro line without getting confused.

Tech Shirt

Have you ever disliked smart watches and how uncool they make you look. They need to be worn all the time and are often too costly and appear like a mono colored band on your wrist. Think no more, fitness wearable tracker T-shirt monitors heart beat, calories burned, energy output. Not only this, it can also set your daily goals resulting in increased stamina. Now who wouldn’t want it. Icing on the cake is that it looks really awesome. Have a look here.

Bicycle tracks for stairs

This is a Dutch innovation which we found really worth sharing. They promote cycling and more natural ways of commuting for supporting our environment. A real trouble that cyclist have to face in everyday life is to carry their cycles on stairs. Here we can see that the stairs have a narrow lane or track for the bicycles to be guided. Cyclist could walk on the stairs and slide their bicycles on that lane. Now that’s some great innovation where a simple idea could solve major problems.

Painting walls to support Swatch Bharat

India as a country has to face an issue where we spit pan remains on walls at street sides. An innovative way of stopping it was to paint the walls and decorate them. Ahmedabad has this implemented where the walls look so beautiful that nobody wants to spit on them.We have also seen places where people hang picture of god or draw signs like Swastik or Om to stop people from spitting on the walls.

Do share any innovation that you have seen around yourself.

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