WWE Star The Undertaker announces Retirement

Boylazy Undertaker

The Undertaker was suspected to retire by many. Still his farewell was a moment in WrestleMania which became very emotional. WWE fans and some of the big stars couldn’t stop from crying. The Phenom sent chills to the wrestling universe as he left in style and drama.

The Phenom Undertaker

He is a major part of my childhood memories. He played a part in Bollywood in the movie Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi.

Boylazy Undertaker Akshay Kumar
Boylazy Undertaker Akshay Kumar

The Undertaker was in a brutal match with Roman Reigns. It was his final one and left him with a record of 23-2 at Wrestlemania.

Only Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar have defeated The Undertaker at the stage of Wrestlemania.

He has been a legend in the field of World Wrestling Entertainment.


John Cena said: “If you’ve been a part of this business, and you know, everybody’s got respect for that man.

“But at the end of the day, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. As a young man, as a family man, as a provider, I’ve got to go out there and fight for mine, and that’s what I did tonight.”

Boylazy Undertaker Tribute
Boylazy Undertaker Tribute

Other WWE superstars from past and present took to social media to thank The Undertaker for his 25-year service to the industry.

Mick Foley wrote: “#ThankYouUndertaker – my life has been so much better for having known you.”

The Miz also said: “If there’s a dry eye at #Wrestlemania ur a bigger man than me. #ThankYouTaker.”

End of an Era

Boylazy Undertaker

After the final fight The Undertaker A.K.A The Dead Man hugged his wife Michelle McCool.

With his retirement long overdue, this is the end of an Era.

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