This is why India struggles at sports other than cricket

India Struggles

In India cricket is followed as a religion. We even know the names of the wives of cricket players. But coming to other sports many of us don’t even remember the name of Olympic medalists. Do you know why this bias towards cricket and why India struggles at sports other than cricket? We bring to you some key issues.

Why India Struggles at other sports


Money and politics play a major role in any sport. There should be enough support from our government to promote any sport. But our politicians have always been leaning towards supporting cricket as it brings a lot of money to India. Other sports do not even have proper training facilities hence poor children are not able to get training in other sports.

Women in sports

India struggles

As seen in the film Chak De India, the problems of women sportsmen are shown very well. The selectors and the fund providers do not show much support in promoting the teams and girls wearing sports attires are often facing cultural opposition.

India struggles

Sania Mirza was in a lot of trouble because of her attire whole playing Tennis.


The more we invest, the more we get. Money is something which is lacking in other sports in India. Mens cricket is the only sport which is bringing so much money to our country compared to other sports. Other sports do not have such big fan following hence they don’t generate big money.


India struggles

As we have achieved glory twice in cricket by winning world cup, we have a lot of icons in cricket. Kapil, Sachin, Dhoni are some names which have inspired generations. But unfortunately the Indian media has not been able to create successful icons from other sports.

Parent mentality

An average Indian parent still believes that education and academics are far more important when compared to sports. The pressure to get top marks in the class is so high on the children that they are not able to concentrate on their sport career.

These were some of the top reasons that we think is pulling down India from achieving greats in other sports.

Have we missed out on any important factor? Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section.

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