Boxer became Cricketer – BRAINDER SRAN

Boxer became cricketer

Brainder Sran – Boxer became cricketer. Born on 10 December 1992. Initially he was training for Boxing from the famous Bhiwani Boxing Club – Vijendar Singh’s home club. He absconded from his boxing career without informing his coach. This trait in him is common in youth. This I could see even in myself.

He is the son of a farmer who just got by. In an interview he says that even as a Boxer, he had aspiration of becoming a cricketer. Hence, he used to practice bowling in nets for achieving his aspiration.

Sran states to The Indian Express – “Initially I always wanted to be a boxer and idolised Vijender and other Haryana boxers. And those two years at Bhiwani taught me a lot. And when cricket happened, I just gave my best. I did not know about bowling before the trials and just bowled with pace. I used to hear a lot about MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and other players in my career and to share the dressing room with such players would be great for me.”

His cricketing career starts as a part of Punjab team, gains fame from the IPL.

Boxer became cricketer.

View his complete cricket profile on espncricinfo.

Steve smith’s praise for Sran.

Here is Yuvi’s comment for him on Twitter. Sran reminds him of young Zaks. Well that is a comment which is not earned by someone so easily. This is well earned comment by Sran.

Barry is his nickname, not usual for a Punjabi guy. He used to play cricket with Tennis ball or Rubber ball as we know it locally. He had never played a game more than 8 matches before applying for competitive cricket. (IPL)

“I used to train at the Bhiwani Boxing Club – founded by Jagdish Singh – who gave us Vijender Singh. As a youngster, boxing allowed me to channelize my energy properly, and Jagdish sir spent considerable time in honing my skills,” – Sran.

IPL helped him a lot. He says “Rahul bhai’s emphasis on developing all facets of the game did wonders to the way I approached cricket. He will observe you for considerable amount of time, and offer his inputs which would be sharp and to the point”

He idiolized Wasim and Zaks. When he first got a chance to bowl against Indian Batsmen in the nets he mentioned “To be tested against the best is something I relish as a bowler. I had a chance to interact with a few of the Indian players and it was a great experience”. Well this is so inspirational.

He is now sharing the same dressing room as MS Dhoni and Kohli. Boxer became cricketer – This is the best that could happen to a youngster and this story has inspired me to create this post for all my friends who search for motivation in their lives.

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