Baahubali 2: Mom’s view on my favorite movie – The Conclusion

Baahubali 2

Wiki quotes the movie Baahubali 2: the conclusion like this: “Shiva, the son of Bahubali, begins to search for answers after he learns about his heritage. It is the second-highest-grossing Indian film worldwide.”

It got mixed reviews as a film from the critics. Some praised its visuals, special effects and stunts. While some criticized the movie for terrible acting, closeted conservatism.

My view

I liked it a lot because of its grandeur and show of power and character in every scene.

Controversies surrounding Baahubali 2

There were some controversies while the movie had to release: Its release was opposed in Karnataka after Katappa’s controversial speech during the Cauvery issue. Still this film got the biggest ever opening by releasing on 6500 screens.

No other film had released when this movie hit the screens. All the film-makers were aware of this film’s potential thus decided not to release their movies along with this one.

My mom’s view

I recently watched the movie along with my whole family. My mom said that she liked this movie a lot and she was reminded of the grand epic of the Mahabharath.

I found the comment very real as most of the scenes in this epic movie remind of the old epic of Mahabharath. The values that Bahubali has, resemble the Pandavas. Naser’s role reminds us of Shakuni mama. Rana’s role is very powerful and reminds us of the Kauravas. This was a fun way of thinking the movie. One fun fact about the movie was that every character’s tilak or bindi on their forehead meant something. For example, Shiva has power, Rana has rising sun, etc. Do re-look all characters while watching the movie. Do share your views if the movie reminded you of any mythological character.

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