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It has been a long time since my last review on this site, but to be true, I have not used any new application in the recent past which is worth a review. I keep using so many apps for managing my social media accounts but this one is becoming my favorite now. Crowdfire is a social media manager with lot of automation features that I have liked. This one is already ruling the app market by more than 5 million downloads and a rating of 4.3 given by 224110 users. Now thats a big achievement.

Some real world user reviews about this application


When I used this app for the first time, I did not find it special than other simiilar apps on the google playstore like HootSuite or Buffer. But then I was offered joined its slack community for support and have followed the growth of this application very keenly.

I should say that the growth has been tremendous and I also went on to become a beta tester of this app and bought the premium version. You could say any feature and the developer team immediately responds by bringing in the feature in the next release, that is what makes this app awesome!

You could join from here. They not only give you the product but also have a cool community which can resolve any clarifications that you may have about social media management. This makes it truely to have good crowd generated content.

Features provided by Crowdfire

Checkout handson of the web version of this app here and you can install a mobile app from here.


Rating out of 10?

10 out of 10 for sure. If I had any doubt then I would not have wrote this review. The paid premium version is fantastic fully filled with amazing features. You should at least try the trial version. You won’t be able to resist buying it.


It is easy to use, but using the premium features you may have a small but easy learning curve to get the maximum utilization.


Yes. Definitely try this for managing your social media accounts. Being a part of the internal community I have found out that even popular celebrities use this app to manage their social accounts. By using this app you can become a social celebrity soon.

Support me by joining this cool community from here.

Crowdfire community

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