12 Weeks to the Body by Jenn Glysson – Fitness review


This 12 week guide will walk you step by step through progressively more challenging exercises to get you desired fitness, trim, and toned. It promises to change the way you look. I would consider myself at the amateur level with my workouts. I was not following any routine yet, but after going through this book now I have a strong routine. The illustration quality in this book is very good and it has different levels of difficulty for each exercise which is awesome! Jenn has done a great job in sharing her ideas in the form of a book. She has a website here and this book is available for $ 64.95 here.

One of the best fitness books

This book is INTERESTING as it has lot of images for each routine, MEMORABLE as it can be done along with friends, ENTERTAINING as there are some funny routines which make it more special and INSTRUCTIVE as it feels like you are with a personal trainer. It is a good looking book from inside, you feel fresh upon seeing it. This book makes us take little steps in the right direction. It is a simple to follow instructional book and it requires only a mat, a bench of some kind (for some workouts), a timing device of some sort, dumbbells (for some workouts) and this guide! This makes it very easy to do as we do not need any complicated and costly gym equipment to do these routines. It can be done at home easily even if you do not have much space.

Author is active on social site

Jenn is very active on social sites, thus it is really easy to stay updated with the latest ideas from the author. I can directly see how many people are following her. She has a big group of followers who are very nice to share their positive views about how this book and how it has helped them.

For those who are going through the book via their smartphones like me, I would suggest all to take a print out of the progress tracker sheet while doing this routine so that you could pen down your progress. Weekly workout calendar covers fitness across the body. It has a break day of Sunday as well, which comes like a great relaxation from all the workout. With weekly guidance and a fitness test, we feel like we are getting trained by a professional instructor. In the exercise preview, we can understand the right and wrong ways of doing exercise. The exercises and routines in the book gradually increase the intensity with passing weeks. So it really pushes you hard in the last few weeks. By month three if we follow the routine properly then we can develop good stamina.


The Routine

I checked few videos but they are sometimes really difficult and do not follow proper routine, so this book was perfect for me. Proper care instructions are given in the book so that you do not injure yourself while doing some extreme routines. That is very good for some beginners like me. It has great pictures of the exercises so it is easy to understand and follow. The FAQ section in the book covers a lot of common clarificatrions that we may have like eating habits pre and post-workouts, etc. exercise glossary makes us a fitness expert as well.

There are some exercises that I had never heard before like “full crab touches”, “mountain climbers”. The names of some routines were so cute that I loved to talk about it. When talking along with my friends and had a smile to my face. Like saying to someone that I did a “Superman” routine today, etc. My wife loves me more now after we started following this routine in my life. Some routines were funny to do with friends like the “prone swimmers”, “supermans” etc.


Technical details

Some parts of the book are having technical instructions like 30/15 which I could not understand if I had directly jumped to the routine before reading the explanation part of the book. It does not have many new things that you can’t find online but still this is a great collection and has a simple routine that is easy to follow. There are some minor complaints but overall it is still a great book to own.

Final rating

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. I liked the fact that it is a unisex book, so me and my wife could both follow it. I’ll definitely be picking up more copies for Christmas gifts. It can be part of so many new year resolutions. I recommend this book to reader who are at the beginner or intermediate level stage of doing exercises.

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Note: I received a free copy of this book to share a honest and unbiased review of this book

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