Be bright, vote for what is right!

Be bright, vote for what is right

If you are not aware on how to do your homework before voting, here are few tips which I learned recently from a few forwarded video on my WhatsApp group of college friends and few questions from quora site. The info was in regional language, thus I decided to quickly write a post in English and share for public awareness.

Before deciding whether to watch a movie or not, we view so many review sites and suggestions from friends. But do we take time to analyze before we vote. If you don’t have a voter id then don’t waste your time here.

Be bright, vote for what is right!

Voter CheckList

10 tips for deciding our vote:

  1. First things first, identify which constituency you belong to. Go here and find out your voter number, polling booth details by searching through the voter list.
  2. Do not get influenced by your parents, as they have knowledge, much acquired from the media which is not always trustworthy.
  3. Normally we decide based on the face of the party and don’t even consider the independent candidates. I learned that it is not the right way to vote. We need to learn the information of the individual candidates from our area like their Criminal, Financial and Educational details Click here to get info on your neta.
  4. You can get the history of election results in your area from here or here.
  5. Create a basic check list of criteria’s for the candidates before deciding your vote. Google their names and find out if they are in some messy news.
  6. Have a look at the Party manifestos and you will get to know which ones are feasible and which ones are just to fool the voters.
  7. If you are still unsure, then get outside and ask the locals about the candidates, if they are helpful after the elections.
  8. Once you have decided your person to vote, make sure you are not confused with other candidates with similar names. In many constituencies there are independent candidates who are participating just to confuse the voter and share the vote bank.
  9. If you get to know all the truth from the above links and decide that no one is suitable for the job, either you would need to decide on the least evil of all the candidates from your constituency or 49-O your vote.
  10. I personally found these links very helpful and found that my previous decision coincided with my findings and now I am sure on whom to cast my vote to.

Be bright, vote for what is right!


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4 thoughts on “Be bright, vote for what is right!

  1. Poornima Jha says:

    Very useful. Very few people do homework before deciding on their vote. Media has become a key driver of their opinions. This post is a good reminder to all of us on the importance we need to give to our precious “Vote”.


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