Travel: The Draw of a gap year


Many of my friends have taken time out, and gone travelling, some have ended up Emigrating, mostly to Australia; I am 45 now, and I have responsibilities to myself, my partner and household. But my yearning to travel has not gone away. It is on a back burner. I have written so much about my series of just one place, in which I detail the place in each country I would visit, if that were the only place I could visit in that country. Check out similar blog posts HERE.

Travel: The draw of a gap year

Like a lot of people, I am working on my bucket list, and I have many places I would love to see,

  • Uluru
  • Sydney
  • Re visit the Bridge at Remagen Germany,
  • Places in the USA but not the normal places like Disneyworld, more like the Grand Canyon, the golden gate bridge and New York

But then is it better to imagine, than to visit and be disappointed. Maybe because of the weather, they say never meet your heroes. Is this true of the places you want to visit, writing this I am reminded of a fishing trip to Ireland in 1992. With my best mate, we had taken a couple of days break from the fishing to see the sites. Our guest house owner had waxed lyrical about the cliffs of Moher near limerick where we were staying. They were allegedly so  beautiful and a must see before we went home, so we went. Cameras poised; we to be disappointed however, as there was a thick fog and we could not see any of the cliffs. I seem to recall doing the walk in the hope that the fog would clear, but my photos do not show any of the that trip.

Venice is definitely on my Bucket List the city of canals, the bridge of sighs. So named because it was the last that the prisoners crossing from the courthouse would see of Italy. My imagination can take me all over the world, but If I were to give a young person any advice, it would be take a gap year, or whatever you need and travel. Live your dreams before responsibility limits your chances.

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