What are the simple rules that I need to know to make my life better?

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Below I have put my top 7 rules that have made my life better and that I live by each and every day:

  1. Be honest with yourself. Being honest with yourself is the most important step to growth that you can take. If you constantly lie to yourself, deny your own emotions and are not truthful about your own problems then they will never get solved.
    Being honest with yourself whenever you feel something you are not supposed to and being honest with what you think, whether you like it or not, takes utmost priority. To do this you need to know yourself and take things as they are.
  2. Never give up on what truly matters. People take their lives not seriously enough and just give up whenever the first chance presents itself. These people are also the ones that will never get what truly matters because they do not stick it through. Whether it is their partner, their dream job or even their life, people give up on it all because they do not believe they can do it or it takes too long.
    NEVER GIVE UP ON WHAT TRULY MATTERS! I know it is tough sometimes. Relationships involve stress, jobs involve a big leap of faith for the one you love and your life can be horrendous sometimes. But that does not mean you should give up. Everyone has their pitfalls at one point or another. Do not let this pitfall be the end.
  3. Find your own path. No one can chose what you want to do because no one will ever know you as good as you can know yourself. You must make the choices yourself, even if that choice is going the path someone else chose for you, it is still your choice.
    Look: At the end of your life, when you are on your deathbed looking back at your life it is you who has to take responsibility for the choices you made. No one else will deal with the consequences, positive or negative, so just find your own path and walk it since you have to deal with all those consequences! This is your life. Own up to it.
  4. Judge nothing. Just because you deem something as good or bad does not mean it is innately good or bad! Even death is not bad in all cultures. Your point of view determines how you judge things, and when you accept then you can stop to judge things based on your interpretation because it is not the only one and definitely not the ultimate truth.
    There are things to learn from every situation and person, but if you keep judging everything, deeming them as good or bad or anything else, then you will never get to experience the value these things can give or the way this person can change your life. Good and bad only exist that particular way in your mind. Everyone else has a completely different concept of them.
  5. Get over yourself. Are you really that arrogant that you want to say that you need to feel perfect before you do anything difficult at all? Because it really seems like you are getting beat by your own emotions at every twist and turn. When you wake up in the morning you hit the snooze button because you don’t feel like getting up. When you go out to a bar you do not talk to the beautiful woman or the handsome man because you don’t feel like it right now. And when you work towards your dreams you often don’t feel like doing much today.
    You cannot be beat by your emotions like that every time! You don’t need to feel perfect to do what you have to and to make your life better! Imagine if Gandhi one day said “I don’t feel like fasting anymore. Give me a cake.” Do you really think he liked starving himself to death? Of course not! But he did it anyway because he got over himself and he knew that there was a bigger reason out there. Get over yourself. Get up early in the morning even if you don’t feel like it. Go up to the person you’ve admired since the beginning of the evening and work harder than anyone else because you deserve something greater!
  6. Create more than you consume. Most of the world today operates on consumerism. Either you are the producer or the consumer and it is okay to consume some things, since you cannot produce everything yourself. That being said, when you learn to produce more than you consume you make a profit and you will move up in this world. It is as simple as that.
    Spend your days creating rather than consuming. Write more, paint more, create more discussions, products and bring your ideas out into the world instead of consuming TV, video games, series or all that food you know is bad for you. Create more than you consume so that the world may benefit from your life instead of being leeched dry by an ever-consuming insect.
  7. Be happy no matter what. Happiness is a choice more than anything else. Every moment you have the option to be overcome by the negative thoughts the world puts on you or if you decide to act out of positivity. Humans, on a very basic level, are joyful creatures. When you remove all thought, all expectations and most desires you will find a level of joy underneath. (Look at monks that have nothing to see proof of this.)
    Most of the times we get overrun by everything going on around us because we simply forget that we can chose to be happy. Everything always happens all at once, and it is most often too much to bear… in those times sit back, relax for just a minute and smile. It is okay, you are going to get through this. Be happy today because you never know what tomorrow might bring.

Don’t wait for success to magically appear in front of you. Take life into your own to hands and start investing in the only thing that lasts: in YOURSELF!

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