My mistakes as a beginner at Boxing

my mistakes as a beginner at Boxing

I am at a deputation work for a month to Bangalore and staying at office premises. I recently got access to a punching bag and a pair of boxing gloves at my office campus. I am a guy who has seen all the Rocky movies and since my childhood have always fantasized becoming a boxer. First day I took a few pics with the gloves posing near the punching bag, to show off on Facebook and WhatsApp. Next day I slightly injured my wrists by making all the mistakes that a beginner can make 🙁

With the paining wrists, I decided to go through YouTube and Google and prepare myself before my next self-training session.

It’s lunch time now and I am eating heavy today.. Rice and pepper chicken. I will be playing billiards to pass time till evening. Planning to warm up at gym and go to the boxing zone by evening to throw light punches in proper manner with all foot work and stuff. A few hours after my lunch I was just cycling inside office campus, it’s around 100 acres of beautiful building and greenery, when I saw two amateurs playing tennis and decided to join them. This would help me in the warm up before my boxing session.

I wanted to share my mistakes as a beginner at Boxing, my learning from the injury and the exploring that I did after that for any other person who tries for the first time.

Below are few points I found useful while boxing on the punching bag:

  1. Approach the punching bag like it’s a person. Don’t stand near the bag it and blindly throw punches. Keep moving and come from far just like in a normal boxing match.
  2. Hit the punching bag on the front and not on the sides. We are not trying to hit on the back of the person, but on his face and ribs. So try to punch the bag on those places.
  3. Practice your lateral movement while practicing on the bag.
  4. While hitting the bag on the sides (in case aiming for ribs), the palm should be facing ourselves. Try to hit the bag with the area of your fist between your knuckles and middle joint of the fingers.
  5. Don’t drop your shoulders and hands. And never hit a bag which is oscillating towards you.
  6. One personal suggestion, keep the shots light. Don’t think of your boss while punching the bag 😀

For more details check out on YouTube for these videos which I liked:

Search with below key words:

  1. Boxing – Beginner sparring set-ups and combos Part 1
  2. Boxing – Common beginner heavybag mistakes.
  3. Boxing footwork – essential do’s and don’ts!
  4. Boxing tips – how to punch a boxing bag.

I am sure I am still making few mistakes but I am improving. And by sharing we learn more, hence sharing my experience. Feel free to comment and share 🙂

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