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The One

Love is in the air. We all want to find “the one” and just embrace love. Some people encounter “the one” right off the bat and some meet that person later on. A thought to think about is would you even know if you are with the one or not. It is said that no one knows considering anyone could potentially be the one but it comes down to signs, signals and any sign that lit that lightbulb over your head that says “yup, right here. You got it”. Without further a-due, ladies and gentlemen let me go on and give you a list of these indications so you can see if you found the one and if not, what to look out for.

Have You Found The One

– They genuinely care

This can be shown in many ways; checking in with you just to see how your day was, being worried about you, comforting you when you are down, helping you when you need help and wanting to help you at all times. Trust me, you’ll just know they care.

– Everyday feels like the very first day you met and became a unit

You could be officially together for 3 months, half a year, a whole year or 3 years+, you could be married for 50 years; regardless of how long, the spark form the very moment is still sparking. No matter the fights or disagreements it changes nothing about how you feel about each other, cloud 9 from start to finish.

– Communication is key and at its finest

You always communicate. It is always said that communication is important in a relationship. Whoever first said that, hit the nail on the head. If you and your partner are afraid to talk then will you ever? You have to be able to talk about any and everything whether you plan to compromise or not. If anyone is scared to bring up anything then there is bound to be
problems. That comfort level has to be there and once it is communication is so much better.

– Trust is a breeze

Trust as a whole is not easy for anyone and just as communication, trust is vital. If even one of you does not trust the other, well be ready for the rocky roads ahead because it will be a trip if you stay together. Best and believe, it takes a lot to build trust but once its establish, it’s a lovely walk in the park. It is a whole lot easier to build trust from the start than eventually doing so.

– Friendship first!

Being in a relationship seems more of a job if both people just dove right into it. On the other hand, if you both get to know each other and become friends first then being together should mimic that. Conversations are easy since you’re not afraid to talk about things. Everything is more fun because you are with your best friend and life partner. Building based off friendship sets the tone to how your relationship will carry on throughout its entirety.

These are just a few things but I believe these are major factors to a relationship. Now these important factors can be used to know if you have already met the one, are currently with the one or keep an out on encountering the one. Stay tuned for a part 2 where I list the other factors because well the small things matter too.

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