Unknown facts – Most dangerous state in India – Nagaland


Nagaland is located in the North East India. It is part of the seven sister states. Here we bring to you the unknown facts about Nagaland.

Unknown facts about Nagaland

It is the only state in India where most of the people don’t have a major common language which is spoke all over Nagaland. There are around 100 languages in Nagaland since there is no single major tribe of people in Nagaland.

nagalandIt is a small state with a total population of around 19 lakhs which is lesser than districts of some states in India.

Not everyone but most of the people their eats dog meat, which is quite uncommon.

88% of the population is Christian, 8.5% are Hindus and 2.5% are Muslims.

Hills and forests cover most of the area in Nagaland.

Ao is the language spoke by 12% of the population.

nagalandThey were rings on their Kada on their legs to help them in climbing trees.

They give a lot of importance to their dreams. In Nagaland they believe that dreams can become reality one day.

nagalandSome areas inside the state are too dangerous to visit without proper government permission.

While most Indians from other states think this state is backward and people hunt in forest to find food, it has 80-85% literacy rate which is much more than other Indian states.

nagalandThey don’t like eating vegetables.

One can’t fire crackers in Nagaland even-though there are a lot of places where often bombs explode.

The only alcohols allowed in this state are Whiskey, Rum and Beer.

nagalandThey have lots of occasions for celebrations in cultural festivals. The famous one is Hornbill festival. From 1st week of December for around 10 days this festival is celebrated in a grand manner.

Hope you liked these facts. Share any unknown facts that we may have missed.

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