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The first thought that comes to your mind when someone talks about getting healthier is “More Exercise” but save the anxiety for something else because I am going to list down here five very simple tips that are so important that they form the foundations of your physical and mental health. Jumping straight down to business here goes those simple magical tips to a healthier life:

#1 Half Hour Daily Workouts

Yes. Half Hour. Not too much and not too little. Against common perception, its not the time you put into exercising but the intensity. Some of the advantages of keeping your workouts limited to half an hour are:

  • Its easier to be consistent when you know it is not going to take too much time daily.
  • It motivates to keep the intensity high since you want to workup a sweat quickly.
  • Unless you are into body-building or long distance running, half an hour can pack all the necessary elements to cover full-body workout.

#2 Eat Right

Its a no-brainer really. What you eat you become. You put junk in your body, you feel like junk and sometimes look like junk. You put clean food into your body, you feel fresher and look better in terms of clearer skin for instance. The question is where do you start? Here are a few starting points:

  • Indian cuisine has an overdose of carbohydrates. Start with cutting down rice from your meals. Specially in the night. Its true that the rice that you eat at night goes straight into the tyres around your belly.
  • No Direct Sugar! The rice or roti(Indian bread) that we add as part of our meals has enough sugar required for the body. Avoid any added sugar in tea,milk,juices,etc. If you are one who can’t compromise on taste in food then try to restrict your sugar intake to not more than one to two teaspoons.

#3 Listen More

Ah, now comes the question about mental health. As they say the way to Nirvana is self-realization. And one way to knowing yourself better is by practicing self-control. Most of us are so preoccupied by the thought of answering during a conversation that we could hardly wait for the person in front of us to finish what he is saying. Now, how to listen more?

  • Acknowledge and not reply every time. Sometimes what you do with a “Hmm” or “OK” is sufficient. Don’t try too hard to relate to something from your experience and reply right away.
  • Every conversation is not about you. The person who is speaking deserves our undivided attention and deserves to finish the topic in his own way. Stop trying to make every topic about yourself.

#4 Organize

Ever wondered why so many festivals involve clearing up of clutter from home. From the Pre-Diwali clean up to the Boghi Pongal clean up of the house, the goal is simple. Decluttering the home is decluttering the mind. When you simply look around the surfaces around your house and not see too much stuff lying outside, it gives your eyes a soothing feeling and equally pacifies your mind. How do you do it?

  • Organizing things: Start with a clean work-desk, this helps in identifying what’s important and sticking to it. At home, start with a tidy kitchen slab which is not only good for clearing your mind but also ensures hygiene. Choose furniture wisely so that the kids have more space to play and its easier to sweep or mop around it.
  • Organizing time: Having an organized wardrobe saves one a lot of time in the mornings before you get ready for work or college. A classic tried and tested tip is to maintain and update a “To Do” list and with apps like “Evernote” which allow you to add even docs or images, its a very handy tool and a must to use.

#5 Learn More

When we reach the end of our lives, its the things we did not do that we regret the most. Pick up your childhood passion or a neglected hobby and dive into it. Learn it formally or join clubs/groups that are pursuing it. What is this advice doing on the Healthier lifestyle list? The answer is that very often our health is determined by the stress we hold on to. Pursuing our passion is the most de-stressing thing we could do and don’t forget the added benefits like confidence and self-worth that returns to you. Where to start?

  • List down the things you have always wanted to do.
  • Categorize and prioritize them in order of interest.
  • Check feasibility of pursuing it in terms of money and time.
  • Identify buddies for the activity if possible. It gets easier to maintain this way.

This list of steps is applicable for most goals in your life by the way.

So ya, these are the top 5 tips that I live by. Can’t say I am able to follow it always…. Specially the “Listen More” part. But the good thing is I am aware and I try. Implement these disciplines in your daily life and post your comment below if you found this blog helpful.

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3 thoughts on “5 TIPS TO A HEALTHIER LIFE

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  2. Kavi says:

    Hi Poornima,
    Apologies for not having read the whole post. But upon skimming through I got puzzled on seeing the title and then the completely different headings under it (organizing, listen more, etc do not normally match up with Staying healthy). I suggest you to have more suitable title for your posts. Will read through the whole post when I get time.
    Interesting post.. congrats on your first post.


    • Poornima Jha says:

      Thanks for feedback Kavi. If you read under these headings – Organise and Listen More, you will realize that I am talking about mental health with help of clarity of thought and reduced stress. I will work on better self explanatory titles in future. Keep reading! 🙂


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