What Do You When 25 Feels Like 65

Feels Like

“I’ve lost my fire! I used to feel energized by so many things, yet I can barely focus on what’s right I’m front of me. Day by day, I feel life and my livelihood continuing to slip away. From the outside, I look well cemented – the truth is…I could crumble at any moment. How do I get my happy back? What Do You Do When 25 Feels Like 65”

My experience

When you’re a lot of things to a lot of people, or you have a lot of responsibility it takes you to a place of tired that is unlike any other.  You waste the energy you do have on keeping up appearances.  Think about how to better maintain interpersonal relationships.

People notice you far less than you really think that they do, nor are they very interested.  We are all a little nosey, and if something is different or new with the people we know, we want to know why. It is the same reason we watch TV and movies, for the drama! Don’t diminish your energy painting an image of yourself that does not exist. Realistically, you are not that important to others. They don’t invest in your success, nor do they chip in on the bills.

I understand how feeling tired makes all your goals look further away.  I have tried to secure my dream job now for the last six years, and I am still not there.  It often feels like as soon as I get close, a previously clear path now has roadblocks with no explanation why. The only solution is to continue being stubborn about your goals. This means you must give up that comfortable space, so that you develop the coping skills to will support you during the next phase of your journey. It will suck, and it’s not easy, but there is no other alternative.

If you aren’t willing to do the work, stop reading here. If you are ready to shed the skin of familiarity, and reinvigorate yourself, keep reading.

Try this for a start!

If you are truly willing to make a change, try some of these ideas:

  1. Schedule time with a physician.
    Make sure that the symptoms that you are experiencing are not a result of something medical.  Sometimes we think that we are the problem, but there is something going on that requires medical  i intervention.
  2. Take a day off from work.
    Cry, stomp act a fool, and at the end decide where you are and where you want to go.  Think about where you were the last time you were feeling accomplished.  What will it take for you to get back there? Where did you start? What does the new you want to be doing? It’s time to make some changes, this includes leaving behind old habits and potentially people.
  3. Work towards letting go of the negative perceptions you have about yourself. 
    I know that is a tall order.  You will not be able to do everything immediately, but with practice you will be able to start to get your mind right and your life together!
  4. Most importantly, it’s time to shit or get off the pot.
    The reality is, nothing is going to change unless you change it. You need plan and achieve incremental goals until you find your life more closely resembling the life you want for yourself.

Guest post written by R. NASH. Click on below image to know more about him.

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