Raavan caught in kalyug!!


A recent attack showed a girl being killed by a guy, in a public place in Chennai, India. It was rumored that they knew each other from before. Now the Raavan caught in kalyug!! I was travelling in the same route on that very same day after a few hours from the incident. Hope I was part of the crowd  when the crime was happening, so that I could have reacted better and possible save the girl.

Some opinions floating around me in past few days were like:

  • One of my friend says that parents need to be called. They should be advised on how to bring up their girls.
  • “Girls need to dress better”, says another friend. It’s male tendency to get attracted to girls dressed in modern clothes.
  • Police booths are required in every public place is a suggestion from a pal.
  • A trans-gender in train was begging for money in train. She was approaching a group of guys and one guy was facing away near foot board. When she was asking for money the other friend called him from behind, but he didn’t turn back in order to avoid the trans-gender. She started cursing him and said “the way the society is behaving, they need to be scared of men and not vice versa”. It reminded me of this event of Swathi.
  • The victim’s father told that “passengers remained mute witnesses” as his daughter’s body laid at the station for over two hours.
  • Some blame the government, saying that it is included in their election manifesto to provide CCTV in public places for Women Safety, but it has not yet been implemented yet.
  • There are also opinions trying to stimulate religious issues.
Swathi murder


Now the Raavan caught in Kalyug!!

I just hope that someone from the public at the station could have raised a voice (shouted at the person hitting the girl) when the incident was happening, so that the assassin would have been scared and may have run away. The major shocker for me in this issue was that how a person could kill one in a public place and escape from the crime scene so easily.

Some say that the local public also does not want to help others. Since, they fear that they might be involved in police investigation and harassed.

Infosys as the girls’ company is conducting Women Safety sessions and two minute silence requests for her peace. I am still confused on how could I stop these incidents from happening in future. I have no other way that just to spread awareness and make people think about this.

I see an online petition https://goo.gl/87Ys6T being forwarded to install CCTV in suburban stations, but I am not sure about its effectiveness. It says that this petition will be delivered to: Southern Railway (General Manager), Indian Railways & Railway Ministry.

The accused was caught and he (Ram) tried to commit suicide when police tried to arrest him.

Raavan caught in kalyug!!

No sympathy to him from my end. I still feel that safety needs to be improved in our society.

Local news

The Hindu news

I am not judging anyone on their opinions, but I want a solution for preventing these incidents. Is it not at all possible to stop this from happening in future? What all possible things can I do related to this?

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6 thoughts on “Raavan caught in kalyug!!

  1. BoyLazy says:

    Yes Poornima, I wish I had been there. Hopefully I would have acted better. But sad, the reason given was that it happened so quickly that no one from the crowd could react.
    Picnic awareness is always the solution to such issues.

  2. Poornima Jha says:

    Public intervention no doubt is necessary in such events. Many times we see Ads that ask us to knock the door of the person who is inflicting domestic violence. Interruption makes the culprit conscience all of a sudden and he may have stopped. Hundreds of people at the railway platform and not one had the guts to at least throw something at this guy. Pathetic, really.


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