When Game of thrones met Bollywood

When Game of Thrones met Bollywood

Welcome Game of thrones fans. This post might be hard to digest for you. If you are a Bollywood fan, then you’ll love this post and see your favorite stars in a new look when Game of thrones met Bollywood. We give some food to your imagination and let you visualize how it would be if Hindi stars would have been a part of the series ‘Game of thrones’.

When Game of thrones met Bollywood


Kareena Kapoor as Cersei Lannister

When Game of Thrones met BollywoodCunning and smart along with beauty. Did someone take the name of Kareena? This role is made for her. She is always well-informed about the happenings in the industry. Keeps her enemies closer than friends. She is the perfect fit.

Farhan Akhtar as Jon Snow

When Game of Thrones met BollywoodJack of all trades, soft-spoken, good-looking, multi talented, etc. Farhan has all these skills. He can also lead the show. He has shown skills of acting and singing. Say Rock on to Farhan for this role.

Shraddha Kapoor as Sansa Stark

When Game of Thrones met BollywoodShe is meant to be the queen of Bollywood. With a slow start her career has ups and downs. Now she is strong in her roles. She is just like Sansa.

Akshay Kumar as Petyr Baelish

When Game of Thrones met BollywoodSelf made man required? Take Akshay. He has worked hard to get to the place where he is now and deserves every bit of it. He is not the king of Bollywood but still roles it. Just like Petyr.

Sanjay Dutt as Night King

when Game of thrones met Bollywood
The big bad wolf. Back after a long time just like Sanju Bhai, he means business. Intense role and less speaking. Sanjay has already proved these skills in Agneepath. He can do it again.

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