Top 5 movies to watch on this Independence Day to feel patriotic

Independence Day

70 Not-Out is the present day trend as India completes its 70th year of Independence. We as Indians are filled with pride and patriotic feeling on this day specially. As we know it is a government holiday on this day and every year we wake up to watch the Independence day parade and post lunch there are new and old patriotic movies being shown on the television. We have picked the best of the movies to watch on this Independence day to make your day special.

Movies to watch on Independence Day

The Legend of Bhagat Singh

This Ajay Devgan starrer film displays one of the most important moves of Bhagat Singh for our Independence. His sacrifices for our nation are never to be forgotten.


This multi-starred movie is a classic and can never be bored watching this one.

Rang De Basanti

Independence Day

This is a modern age story mixed with the spice of patriotic feelings. Watch the movie editing and you will become a fan of India.


This is a true story well made by the talented artists. This classic movie is one of the best movies made on Mahatma.


All you need is a masala movie to get your patriotic feelings on a high again. Watch this entertainer to have a good time.

Have we missed out any movie? Let us know your favorites in the comments section.

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