Katrina, Trump, Kohli: Our wishlist for contestants on Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is one of the most followed reality shows in India. Every action of the housemates are followed by cameras 24/7. This tickles our mind for some imagination. There are few celebrities whom we wish to see all the time. Just imagine if Katrina was on TV for 24/7, then we would take our TVs along with us everywhere we go. Here is a list of stars which is nearly impossible to get together under a single roof, but just our wish.

Bigg Boss House Wishlist

Katrina Kaif

Katrina would be the naughty and tantrum throwing girl inside the house. We would not miss a single episode till she is on the show.

Sunny Leone

Sunny once more. Who can forget her pole dance in earlier seasons of the show. We would love to see how she is today. We have always loved her and still love her.

Salman Khan

We would love Bhai to be inside the house. In that case, he should only be hosting the show as well. We need a Judwa here as well 😉

Donald Trump

He would add some spice to the show and we’ll definitely get some humour from his actions. He may just replace Bigg Boss and start his own show inside the house. Beware Bigg Boss. Trump sure can take some break from being the president of USA and come to TV again 😂

Virat Kohli

Virat is the perfect character that we need on Bigg Boss. He is expressive and can’t control his anger. He’ll do the best in tasks and make a great lead. Girls would really love to see his six packs on TV. Indian team can manage for 3 months with Dhoni again as the captain.

Kourtney Kardashian

She likes to be goofy and loves her attires and dresses. This hotty is followed by 33 million on social sites. She sure knows how to gain votes. Maybe a guest appearance from Kim Kardashian would help get to gain more fame.

Leo Messi

Need we say anything, just the name is enough. This sooner sensation is a craze and we all will love to see him in real life. He is God for his followers. He will get lot of votes from Bengal for sure.

Please add to the wishlist. Tell us your dream contestants for this show in the comments section below. Do like, share and follow us to show your love.

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