JUSTIN Fever – Gear up for the concert of a lifetime!


Justin Bieber’s live event takes place in India on May 10th. It has raised a JUSTIN Fever and all his fans are going crazy to watch him live in Mumbai. He will be the first International celebrity in the history of India who will arrive in the stadium on a chopper. Tickets are almost full for the event. All you Beliebers hurry and book your tickets.

Justin Fever
Image: vainstylemag.com

Facts about your favourite pop star

  • Which song won him Grammy? “Where Are U Now” – It won him the Grammy for Best Dance Recording.
  • What was his original YouTube channel name? “KidRauhl” – Justin Bieber’s father, Jeremy Bieber used to call himself “Lordrauhl”. He loved to read a series of books with the main character being “Lord Rahl” so he called his son “KidRauhl”.
    Justin Fever
    Image: ytimg.com
  • What is his middle name? “Justin Drew Bieber”.
  • When and Where was he born? – 1 March 1994, London, Canada.

Buzz about the event JUSTIN Fever


Justin Fever
Image: ytimg.com

Recently the news on “What bieber wants” went viral. He had a bizarre list of demands for his India tour.

  • “a special Indian Yoga Casket containing aromatic essential oils; jasmine, mogra, rose and camphor incense sticks”.
  • “Bieber has requested that his dressing room be entirely draped with white curtains, a large glass-door refrigerator, clothing shelves, eight power outlets and 12 white handkerchiefs.”

Top Notch Security at the event

Justin Fever
Image: twitter.com

Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera is going to handle Justin Bieber’s security. Shera has experience of handing security for International celebrities like Slash, Jackie Chan, Peter Andre, UB40, Paris Hilton, Diana King, Keanu Reeves, Shaggy, Whitfield, Will Smith. He is highly efficient.
Shera said, “It is an honor to be associated with a name like Justin Bieber. I was specially called in after my profile was screened and vetted by the international agents.”

Justin Fever
Image: twitter.com

Mumbai Police also has planned traffic control on a large-scale. They have tight security, emergency and disaster management plans. There is also provision of viewing live feed from control room via drone cameras. During the show they plan to have police people in casual dressing to keep an eye on proceedings.

Boylazy says NAMASTE and welcomes Justin Bieber to INDIA!


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