5 Contestants who were evicted from Bigg Boss owing to violence

Bigg Boss

The Bigg Boss house is always the most happening place for the duration the show on-air. We know it’s not easy to live for over 90 days in isolation from day to day life which one is so accustomed to, Hence there are times when the housemate at times unexpectedly loose there cool and the suppressed violent streak comes out.

Bigg Boss violence

Let’s have a look at few such contestants who got who were evicted from Bigg Boss house due to violent behaviour as we know any form of verbal or physical abuse is prohibited on the show.

1. Priyank Sharma and Zubair Khan

Well, usually it takes time for the contestants to get tired and reach the point of losing their cool. This season in the first week itself it got surrounded by lots of action. In the first Weekend Ka Vaar two contestants were evicted from the house.


Priyank had to leave from the show due to his violent behaviour against another contestant. He got hold of Akash Dadlani’s collar during the argument. Zubair Khan was evicted as he had the least some audience votes in the house. Also, he had used improper language against his fellow housemates, especially women.

2. Ajaz Khan

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In the Bigg Boss season 8, Ajaz Khan was evicted for resorting to physical aggression while inside the house. As it happened Ajaz was singing a song a bit too loudly, which irritated Ali Quli Mirza. They started with a heated argument which led to a fist fight between them. Ajaz went way beyond the limit to the extent of pinning Ali down and almost strangling him. Seeing that crazy behaviour he was evicted immediately.

3. Kamaal Rashid Khan


Kamaal is anyways has a controversial personality in Bollywood. He was a contestant in Bigg Boss season 3. He very well used the platform to gather all the limelight while he was inside the house. Kamaal dared enough to he hurl a bottle at Rohit Verma, that missed and hit Shamita Shetty instead. He was evicted out of the show after this unacceptable behaviour.

4. Pooja Misrra


Pooja was a contestant in Bigg Boss season 5. She was noticed because of her loud behaviour as well as loud makeup. She used to pick up fights with the housemates at the drop of hat. Pooja was evicted when her behaviour got out of control and violent, she physically abused and assaulted a co-contestant Siddharth Bhardwaj.

5. Imam Siddiqui


Imam was a contestant in Bigg Boss season 6. He was known to create banter and trouble housemates all the time. He created a midnight drama by acting like a tiger and breaking all the ceramic and earthenware in the house. He was evicted owing to his violent behaviour with co-contestant Aashka Goradia. However, after apologising immensely to Bigg Boss, he did return and became a finalist.


These are a few names, apart from them there were other contestants like Kushal Tandon, Puneet Issar, Devendar Singh alias Bunty who got into trouble and got evicted owing to violence in the house. We must say it looks pretty difficult to survive in the house.

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