Top reasons why people hate Katrina Kaif

hate Katrina Kaif

Her poor skills in acting and starry tantrums are the primary reasons why she is hated by a big group of people. She is the most hated actress in Bollywood. Many movie buffs hate Katrina Kaif. Her habit of throwing tantrums on sets gave her this bad response from fans. Even her role selec is one of the poorest in Bollywood. Kat haters are social addicts who are always looking for points to post against the star.

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Famous for her good looks, lean figure and relationships more than her work, Katrina Kaif has recently been honoured with the Smita Patil Memorial Award for her contribution to cinema. She had not got any award for acting yet since her debut more than a decade ago in ‘Boom’ opposite Amitabh Bachchan.

She has awarded this because of ‘being an outstanding individual who had shown excellence in her field’. But this got Twitter users crazy.

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Even though, Kat has been in the Hindi film industry for more than a decade, and her release after the award – Baar Baar Dekho, with Sidharth Malhotra wasn’t a complete wash-out, many social addicts believe that the decision by the Priyadarshini Academy is not right. The late actress Smita had won immense critical acclaim for her performances in films like Manthan, Bhumika and Arth. Hence Kat receiving this award was not taken nicely by fans. Twitter exploded with jokes, and started trolling the actress.

She was also criticized for rumors about her plastic surgery done on her nose👃and lips.

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There was a news where it was stated like she spent lakhs of rupees for her hair color and makeup during the shooting if movie ‘Fitoor’. Once the film bombed at the box office, this news for viral and haters got active.

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Finally the main group of Katrina haters are Deepika fans. Because she left Salman and snatched Ranbir from DP, many people hate Kat.

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