Top 3 movies that raised child abuse awareness in India

Child abuse is a sad term which is very common in India. The speciality of child abuse is that it is not easily detectable. It is often taken in a light way and sometimes considered as fun among children. The safety of a child was recently ignored leading to the death of a class 2 student in his school. This crime is also because of lack of awareness of the importance of security in school campus. CCTV cameras may not be working as a result the criminal can escape easily. This awareness of security and details about child abuse should be created. Lot of movies have covered various types of child abuse and created lot of awareness among Indian audience. Let us have a look at top 3 such movies which have raised child abuse awareness in India.

Top 3 movies that raised child abuse awareness in India

Taare Zameen Par

In this movie Aamir Khan has beautifully captured the various difficulties of a dyslexic child.

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In some parts we see the child getting into fights with his friends as he is not able to play cricket properly. He is often compared to his elder brother who is good at everything. His parents try to force him into studying, but he hides his disability by being stubborn. We learn from the movie that if a child is stubborn, he may just need some extra care and some help.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

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This is a movie about a Pakistani girl who is lost in India. Salman Khan helps her to get back to Pakistan. In a part of the movie, we see that Munni, the little girl is sold to a brothel for some money. A travel agent promises to send her to Pakistan but then betrays Salman and tries to sell the girl. When Bhaijaan comes to know about it, then he saves the girl and takes her to Pakistan. This movie displayed the way little girls are often sold to men as objects who then sexually abuse them.


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A lot of people may not be aware about this movie, but it is a Kamal Hassan classic movie. In this movie, Kamal is conned and sent to jail. While he is in jail, his family faces troubles. The caretaker dies and his son and daughter go missing. After coming out of jail, he finds out that his son works with street artists and his daughter has been turned into a prostitute. He sees his daughter blabbering in the night – she is dreaming and pleading not to rape her.

After this event he goes and takes revenge from the bad people and gets into jail again. But next time when he come out of jail he is happy with his family again. The scenes of child trafficking are shot in very realistic way and it was a classic movie when it has come out to create lot of awareness among people about the sensitive topic of child abuse.

We need more such movies. Not only commercial movies but a lot of art films and short films are made to create awareness. Please like, share and comment on the post to create awareness. Do follow us to show your support.
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