Dog Playing Cards with most awesome illustrations

dog playing cards

Dog Playing Cards People say they love dogs all the time, but does it really mean anything if you don’t have dog-themed playing cards? Dog Playing Cards – Whether you’re playing poker, solitaire, doing a magic trick, picking your neighbor’s lock, or whatever other fun activities you do with playing cards, you can now do it all with tiny doodled doggies looking back at you.

Dog Playing Cards

Pack of Dogs, as the deck has been branded, is the latest project by San Franciscan artist John Littleboy, who operates a kooky and creative online playing card shop known as Artiphany. “Transformed by an artist’s imagination, these ordinary playing cards are a small box of treasure,” he writes about the canine-inspired set on his website. Adorable, simply-sketched critters have been Littleboy’s specialty since 2010, and he also offers a range of cheeky greeting cards – sorted by animal and occasion, of course.

Shuffle through Pack of Dogs below, but heed this warning – normal playing cards may never seem cool again.

More info: Artiphany

dog playing cardsdog playing cards

Don’t you just love these cute dogs and their illustrations. Dogs can become your favorite pet once trained as per your needs. Lot of dogs are smart and are trained to be perfect pets. Let us know which one is your favorite.

Dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than non-pet owners. Even for those people who do become clinically depressed, having a pet to take care of can help them out of a depressive episode, sometimes more effectively even than medication. Since taking care of a dog requires a routine and forces you to stay at least a little active, it is harder to stay inside feeling down all the time.

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